Okay, they’re not magic.  But they’re still pretty cool.  I thought they were a myth until I saw them myself.  Trinity Bellwoods park in Toronto has long been home to generations of albino squirrels.  There’s only a couple of them and for some reason it’s kinda exciting the first time you lay eyes on one of the white squirrels yourself,  usually because some other person has stopped in their tracks to stare at them.  They are quite famous in the ‘hood. Their images adorn t-shirts and bags, there’s even a cafe at Queen and Gore Vale named after them, White Squirrel Coffee.  I discovered this beautiful photographic series of my squirrelly neighbours by Michael Werner called The White Squirrel Way.  You can see more of his series here.


Walking through Trinity Bellwoods Park in the West End of Toronto with my dog Cosmo, watching the kids in the summer camp putting on a play, banging on drums, making a huge string spider web, people playing soccer, people playing baseball cheering “Hey Danny, you’re on fire today!”, dogs in the pit chasing balls, passing the flowering trees that smell delicious, reading a sign advertising Shakespeare in the park tonight at 7pm, pay what you can.  I love summer in the city, and especially summer in Trinity Bellwoods Park.