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I will confess that I have read the first three volumes of the “Twilight” books by Stephanie Meyer. They aren’t particularly well written but they are kind of addictive, like a bag of potato chips, they are all delicious, empty calories. The books chronicle the adventures of Bella who discovers that the super hot guy at school and his family are vampires, and some of the local native community are werewolves. Poor Bella, she must decide between hot vampire Edward and hot werewolf Jacob. You can sort of see why these books are so popular with teenage girls, and they are HUGELY popular with teenage girls.

Meyer’s latest book in the series “Breaking Dawn” comes out tomorrow at midnight. The media are claiming that this is the biggest and most anticipated book since Harry Potter. I don’t think these books hold a candle to the Harry Potter series on any level, but it’s always good to see people get excited about reading. Chapters Indigo book stores across Canada are holding “Breaking Dawn” events at their stores tomorrow evening. There will be masquerade parties, themed drinks and prizes, and the eager costumed attendees will be able to get a copy of the book at midnight. I’m torn between thinking this is kinda lame and kinda fun, but it’s great to see the release of a book turned into an event.

Oh, yeah, the first book in the series “Twilight” is being turned into a movie opening in December and the internets are abuzz with every little piece of information that the fans can get ahold of. I guess this is quite the phenomenon, isn’t it?