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Amanda Feder is 24 years old and doesn’t know how to ride a bike.  She thinks this lack of skills is holding her back and affecting her dating life, so finally after all this time, she is facing her demons and learning how to ride.  Check out this quirky, funny trailer for the documentary she’s making about her brave journey to two-wheeled competency.

Will Amanda take off the training wheels?  Will she become so confident that she learns to ride a unicycle?  And more importantly, will she hook up with that super-cute boy from the trailer?  We’ll have to wait until December 2010 to find out.  I can’t wait.

Read more about the project here.

Arhh! My sword is huge!!

It’s hump day.  Neither here nor there.  How ’bout a diversion to amuse you and get you through the day?

Good Show Sir is a collection of only the worst sci fi/fantasy book covers.  So bad they’re awesome.

Naked guy fights guy with tail. Plus a snake.

A wizard fights a dragon. Of course he does.

And a naked lady rides a dragonfly

The Brooklyn Museum has this wicked awesome 20′ pinata shaped like Andy Warhol’s head on display.  At the Brooklyn Ball, held at the museum on April 22nd art lovers will be able to bash Andy’s head open and enjoy the edible bits that fall out. Oh, Mr Warhol your fifteen minutes are nearly up and we can’t wait to devour your delicious, delicious, brains (insert additional joke about art lovers being zombies?).


Replace marshmallows with chocolate and I’m in.

Oh those poor unhappy hipsters.  They live in their modern homes full of clean lines and absent of clutter.  But can Eames chairs and a Le Corbusier chaise longue truly bring happiness to a hipster’s heart?

Even with his back to the bordello lampshade, he felt dirty inside

Have you ever read Dwell magazine?  While the oh-so-modern homes can be quite beautiful, the awkwardly posed people in them end up looking lonely and isolated.  At the Unhappy Hipster website the photos are given captions to express their owners’ hip unhappiness and to add to our amusement.

Even the soothing sway of the hammock couldn’t relax her; someone was watching.

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