Okay, they’re not magic.  But they’re still pretty cool.  I thought they were a myth until I saw them myself.  Trinity Bellwoods park in Toronto has long been home to generations of albino squirrels.  There’s only a couple of them and for some reason it’s kinda exciting the first time you lay eyes on one of the white squirrels yourself,  usually because some other person has stopped in their tracks to stare at them.  They are quite famous in the ‘hood. Their images adorn t-shirts and bags, there’s even a cafe at Queen and Gore Vale named after them, White Squirrel Coffee.  I discovered this beautiful photographic series of my squirrelly neighbours by Michael Werner called The White Squirrel Way.  You can see more of his series here.


The Brooklyn Museum has this wicked awesome 20′ pinata shaped like Andy Warhol’s head on display.  At the Brooklyn Ball, held at the museum on April 22nd art lovers will be able to bash Andy’s head open and enjoy the edible bits that fall out. Oh, Mr Warhol your fifteen minutes are nearly up and we can’t wait to devour your delicious, delicious, brains (insert additional joke about art lovers being zombies?).


What happens when a man with hereditary methemoglobinemia marries a woman with the same rare disease?  Would you believe blue children?  In the 1800’s Martin Fugate of France came to Troublesome Creek in Eastern Kentucky and married Elizabeth Smith.  They then proceeded to have seven children, four of them with blue skin (Martin Fugate himself had blue skin).  Apparently, due to an enzyme deficiency, the Fugates’­ blood had a diminished oxygen-carrying capacity, causing the blue skin. Six generations and years and years of inbreeding later there were still blue-skinned people found in Troublesome Creek as recently as 1982.  Sounds like an interesting idea for a movie- inbreeding, blue people, Troublesome Creek (what an awesome name).  Perhaps a hillybilly/alien love story/horror/adventure.

The Fugates of Troublesome Creek


Dr Grigory Perelman of St Petersberg, Russia was awarded $1 million for solving a math problem that has been vexing mathematicians for over a century. But the eccentric recluse, answering interviewers through his closed apartment door, said he had no interest in the money, saying that he has everything he needs and doesn’t want the attention.  Dr Perelman lives in a bare, cockroach infested flat.  He used to be a researcher at the Steklov Institute of Mathematics in St. Petersburg but has since left his job and given up mathematics altogether finding the subject too painful to discuss. He is considered the world’s cleverest man, and he seems to have the eccentricities to match.  Fascinating.


A group of vandals who call themselves the “Salty Knits” have been decorating random trees are other objects in Cape May, New Jersey with hand-knitted yarn sleeves.  Apparently this has offended some members of the community who have been tearing down their work.  I don’t know about you, but if I woke up tomorrow and found a yarn sleeve on my tree I’d have the biggest smile on my face all day.  And don’t you worry about those “Salty Knits” they won’t let dissenters slow them down, they’ll just keep on knitting and purling and knitting and purling…

Source and Source

“Honey, may I borrow the flying dirigible tonight?”

This set of Victorian postcards depicted “Life in the Year 2000”. If only their visions were true. The commute to work would be so much more civilized in a personal flying machine.

And in our leisure time we would go water bicycling.

More wonderful postcards here.


Hello Kitty wine, now I’ve seen everything.  I knew there was a reason why I liked that cat.

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