Speaking of unhappy hipsters (see post) I had drinks last night on Ossington with my lovely friend Heather.  Heather has been blogging for a couple of years now and had lots of inspiring advice.  I’m fortunate enough to have some friends with blogs both large and small that have helped me along in this adventure.  I thought I’d share these blogs with you.  Blogs are hard work, but lots of fun.  Maybe you’ll be like me and be inspired by these talented people to start your own.

I’m a Beauty Geek– This is the largest of my friends’ blogs.  Award winning blogger Janine Falcon writes about beauty and beauty products with charm and humour.  She believes that every woman is beautiful and that beauty should be accessible (good products can be found at your local drug store, not just that uber-expensive salon).  Not limited to the blogosphere, you can catch Janine sharing her beauty expertise in various Toronto newspapers and magazines and on tv shows like “Steven and Chris” and “Canada AM”.  See a previous post I wrote on Janine here.

Heather Morton Art Buyer– Heather is a commercial art buyer and if you’re a commercial photographer you should be reading her blog (and if you aren’t, what’s wrong with you?).  As a professional who hires photographers for commercial print shoots Heather is in a unique position to advise up-and-comers and share knowledge with established photographers.  Heather has three kids and if you check out her blog, full of articles, photos and interviews you will, like me, shake your head in awe as to how she gets it all done.  Heather, of course, works as an art buyer, but she also works as a consultant, taking the information she gives on her blog that one step further.

How it Plays Out–  Mike has probably been blogging the longest of this bunch.  His blog is a personal one rather than commercial.  I think of his blog as a wistful remembrance of things past.  Mike writes beautifully about past loves and mis-adventures.

Playing with Tablespoons– Take two ridiculously talented professional women who also happen to be amazing amateur bakers, come up with a baking challenge (like making handmade chocolates for Valentines day) and watch the games unfold.

I love that even with a selection of only four these blogs are so varied-large and small, personal and commercial.  There’s a huge, exciting, interesting blog world out there and I’m so happy to be a tiny, little part of it.