What happens when a man with hereditary methemoglobinemia marries a woman with the same rare disease?  Would you believe blue children?  In the 1800’s Martin Fugate of France came to Troublesome Creek in Eastern Kentucky and married Elizabeth Smith.  They then proceeded to have seven children, four of them with blue skin (Martin Fugate himself had blue skin).  Apparently, due to an enzyme deficiency, the Fugates’­ blood had a diminished oxygen-carrying capacity, causing the blue skin. Six generations and years and years of inbreeding later there were still blue-skinned people found in Troublesome Creek as recently as 1982.  Sounds like an interesting idea for a movie- inbreeding, blue people, Troublesome Creek (what an awesome name).  Perhaps a hillybilly/alien love story/horror/adventure.

The Fugates of Troublesome Creek