I walked by a store the other day that was playing K.D Lang’s version of “Hallelujah”.  It made me think about the Vancouver Olympics.  I miss them.  From the opening ceremonies with that gorgeous rendition of Leonard Cohen’s song (and K.D. so cool in her white suit and no shoes) to the sheer madness of the closing ceremonies (huge beavers and moose and mounties and hockey players and…) and everything in between (the heartbreaking bravery of Joannie Rochette, crazy Norwegian curling pants and hockey, hockey, hockey) it was an awesome adventure.  I followed along with the nation, enjoying being part of a communal experience, not just watching it on tv but following people’s comments on Twitter and Facebook.  I wanted cute red mitts from the Bay.  I went to a bar to watch a hockey game (that might be a usual habit for most Canadians, but a first for me).  And I was so proud to be Canadian (we’re such a humble people, it felt so strange to be so proud and so loud about it).  Oh Canada.  How long till we get to host the games again?