Okay…so let’s say you have a real life story that you end up having to repeat to people over and over again, like say, a breakup with a boyfriend or what you did on your vacation. And you’re getting really tired and bored of telling the story, and you can never tell it with quite the same panache as you did the first time. Why not consider hiring some “real life” re-enactors.

Re-enactors-not just for reenacting the Civil War any more.

Re-enactors-not just for reenacting the Civil War

Imagine how much more entertaining and involving that story of how you got fired by your asshole boss would be if you had re-enactors to act it all out for you. People would never tire of your tales, as a matter of fact, it’s entirely possible that they might want to hear your story over and over again.

Re-enactors-no longer just about the battles of men and guns, now about the battles of hearts and minds.

I’m gonna make a fortune!