Oh sure, I look down my nose at the ladies in my neighbourhood wearing their house dresses as they stand in front of their houses gossiping with the neighbours. But the truth is, in the evening if you see me on the street walking my dog, chances are I’m probably in my PJ’s. The trick is that I try to make sure my pj’s look like street clothes. You know track pants and a t-shirt, or a little sundress. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one of my friends who does this. My friend Shelley loves throwing a parka over her pj’s to walk her dog (who would ever guess that she’s got fleece pj’s with little pink poodles on under there). My friend and neighbour Naomi is always daring me to come over and visit in my pj’s, but she’s an extremist. She’s an actor and one day in the winter showed up at work in her pj’s AND slippers. And really, why not, she’s just going to be changing her clothes anyways. She went home in street clothes, which kinda disappointed me. I hoped she would go home in her pj’s all ready for bed.

The problem is that pj’s are too damn comfortable and I find that I’m increasing my definition of home. Like it’s okay to wear my pj’s at home, and home includes in front of my house, and the street in front of my house. But I also walk my dog in the park daily, so couldn’t that be considered home too (by the way, just know that if you do decide to walk your dog in the park with dirty hair and pj’s on you WILL see someone that you do NOT want to see you in your pj’s)? And College Street is really close by, so couldn’t that be considered home too? And really the whole world is my home, so shouldn’t I be able to wear my pj’s everywhere? Where does it end? Hmmm….maybe it’s time to give up and just buy a house dress to fit in with the rest of my neighbours. They look pretty comfy.